Canada Recruiting British Police Officers

By Sarah ChapmanCalgary Herald

Two Scottish police officers, who trained together in Glasgow, found themselves once again in the same recruit class — this time with the CALGARY POLICE SERVICE, 10 years and 6488 km (4030 miles) later.    

Mark Dickson (34 yrs.) and John Ross (32 yrs.) from Scotland and are now policemen in Calgary (Canada).

[…] In a serendipitous turn, they both (independently) applied to the CALGARY Police Service, moved to Cochrane, ALBERTA with their young families, and even found themselves in the same recruit class once again.

Constables Stewart O’Neill and Denise McPhee (Calgary Police) spent three weeks in London [England] and Glasgow [Scotland] last year to advertise for the Calgary Police Service and host a booth at an immigration show. They spoke to more than 500 people at the Canadian High Commission in London and held four information sessions with 50 potential recruits at each.


O’Neill himself was lured to Calgary’s police service from London. He was an officer when his wife qualified for a visa and the family started looking into suitable Canadian cities. It was a choice between HalifaxVancouver or Calgary


UPDATE: December, 2016

Becoming a Canadian Mountie has now become easier. British permanent residents (PR) in Canada may now apply to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Previously, a potential RCMP recruit had to possess citizenship papers. Also, university graduates may opt out of the police entrance exam. The story HERE.

BRITS may seek Permanent Residency (PR) through the London Office HERE.


Update: January, 2015 AFRICAN Somali REFUGEES are now hired to teach North American police procedures:  Toronto police get help from 2 “Minneapolis” officers]



London Bobby’s Story

 [UPDATE: March 21, 2012

Canadian Police Among Best Paid on earth.
Detroit’s American cops across the U.S. border earn only $14.59 per hour!]

*More LINKS at bottom of page*

More info … [BRITISH ex-pat POLICE FORUM]

[UPDATE: CALGARY Police have suspended recruiting efforts for all INTERNATIONAL applicants. ONLY Canadian or PR applicants may now apply.

BRITS can seek Permanent Residency (PR) through the London Office HERE.


The Edmonton Police (Base) Salary Schedule

 EDMONTON POLICE (Base) Salary Schedule Rank Annual* Bi-weekly* Hourly*
1st Year Constable $61 134 $2 342 $29.27
2nd Year Constable $64 784 $2 482 $31.02
3rd Year Constable $75 733 $2 902 $36.27
4th Year Constable $83 033 $3 181 $39.76
5th Year Constable $91 245 $3 496 $43.70
Sr. Constable, Level I
(8 Years Complete) $97 632 $3 741
Sr. Constable, Level II
(11 Years Complete) $99,457 $ $3 811 $47.63
Sergeant/Detective $109 494 $4 195 $52.43
Staff Sergeant $120 443 $4 615

*Effective 2012 December 30

 [CURRENCY CALCULATOR – Foreign Exchange rates]

EDMONTON (Alberta) Police SALARY (Link)           (early 2012 BASE SALARY)





1st Year Constable $59 124 $2 265 $28.31
2nd Year Constable $62 654 $2 401 $30.01
3rd Year Constable $73 243 $2 806 $35.08
4th Year Constable $80 303 $3 077 $38.46
5th Year Constable $88 245 $3 381 $42.26
Sr. Constable, Level I
(8 Years Complete)
$94 422 $3 618 $45.23
Sr. Constable, Level II
(11 Years Complete)
$96 187 $3 685 $46.06
Sergeant/Detective $105 894 $4 057 $50.71
Staff Sergeant $116 483 $4 463 $55.79

->Foreign Currency CALCULATOR<-

* Overtime paid at (2X) DOUBLE time

* Statutory Holidays paid at (2X) DOUBLE time

* Court time on days off and/or while working night shifts are paid

* Option of Special Event Policing. (Off-duty work $73 hr.)


[UPDATE: The E.P.S. have now suspended recruitment  for all INTERNATIONAL applicants. ONLY Canadian citizens and PR applicants may apply to the Edmonton Police Service.]

BRITS are encouraged to apply for PR (Permanent Residency) through the London Office HERE.


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3 thoughts on “Canada Recruiting British Police Officers

  1. How idiotic we hire police officers from other lands and yet, we have excellent qualified local candidates. If a Canadian wanted to become a cop in England he has a better chance of winning the 649 lottery. Only in Canada we hire mongrels in police forces ranging from unfit ethnic minorities, token inferior women and imports from other lands. The whole justice system in Canada is a farce. Recruitment apartheid is alive and well as I saw discriminatory hirings of joke applicants in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Are the best recruited, do not bet on it! I find it laughable the imbeciles in Calgary Police could not find good recruits here and there is no excuse for international hirings of others abroad like these two cops.

  2. Calgary Police Service (CPS) and the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) are no longer recruiting candidates from overseas. The Brits were accepted on merit alone and not given special attention, as is the case given to incompetent and low IQ “visible minority” immigrants for the unabashed and racist reasons (against Whites) of filling Canadian police ranks with some colour.

    This latter assertion is based on the R.C.M.P. hiring “principles“, as reported in the June 27, 2005 edition of the National Post newspaper.

    White Canadian applicants were required to score 33% HIGHER than visible minorities on (IQ) aptitude tests, which obviously demonstrated a racial bias against White Canadian males. It only proves Blacks and other minority races must have lower IQs so the R.C.M.P. lowered the bar by offering them a handicap gift. I believe they no longer follow that unfair practice.

    Regardless, qualified White Canadian men should saturate the major police forces with applications to increase your odds of acceptance. Canada is your country and they can’t ignore you all.

    There’s more info contained in — “Affirmative Action Destroying Effectiveness”.

    In addition, I wrote a short essay on York Regional Police chief’s practices when affirming his role in the “employment-equity” fiasco that clearly discriminates against White people. Click below:

    Henry Makow also wrote a good analysis in “Police Surrender to Diversity”.

    Canada is not alone when “lowering the bar” while seeking police candidates who represent the lowest common denominator.

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