Western Australia Police


The web link below has all the information you need about becoming a police officer in Western Australia, and helps you decide if this is a career for you. 

Western Australia

Western Australia 

POLICE OFFICER (valid to 30 June 2012) $ Per Annum $ Weekly
Academy Training $48,160 pro rata $926.15
Academy Training (Persons with previous policing experience – 12 weeks paid up to 5th yr Constable) On individual basis
Probation (18 months) $64,077 $1,235.25
3rd year of service $66,339 $1,275.75
4th year of service $68,184 $1,311.23
5th year of service & thereafter $70,032 $1,346.76
Constable First Class (after 5 yrs) $74,502 $1,432.73
Senior Constable (9 yrs +) $80,562 $1,549.26
Sergeant $89,688 $1,724.76
Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

The above figures are base rates, excluding penalties & allowances  (2012 recruitment efforts for BRITISH Police Officers are NOW happening!!)



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