Affirmative-Action Police

By Walter Williams

POLICE Departments must
use RACE and sex preferences in hiring
as a result of [U.S.] federal court
consent decrees and
political pressures.

To meet these demands, many police departments
have lowered,
and in some cases eliminated
established standards
for personal character.

Jan Golab writes about this in
“How Racial P.C. Corrupted the LAPD”

in the May 2005 issue of
The American Enterprise
.  While most
of Mr. Golab’s article chronicles how
Los Angeles
damaged its police force
in its quest for “DIVERSITY,”
where it had to fire 100 police officers
…identical damage has occurred in other cities.

Washington, D.C., had to indict or
fire 250 cops
;  New Orleans indicted
more than 100 [officers].
In these cities, policemen have
been charged with crimes ranging
from murder and rape to robbing
drug dealers and selling confiscated drugs.

>continued here…


“Officer Bubbles” Canada’s answer to A.A.

Police Professionals In Retreat

Ethical Change In Law Enforcement

….other LINKS at bottom of page.


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