Trigger-Happy Cop, or Not?


Image is similar, if not identical, to the Sea...

Trigger-HappyInformal adjective . 1. ready to fire a gun at the least provocation, regardless of the situation or probable consequences.

The following (real life) video below captures the effect of how behavior patterns of some cops seem to be molded from watching T.V. cop dramas, or by playing animated x-box video games, and then transferring those mental images into events that kill real people. .

Imagine the following scene from your own personal perspective.

You’re a casual pedestrian crossing a street intersection on a bright, sunny afternoon, carrying a wooden board and pocket knife in your hand. You’re not harassing, nor threatening other pedestrians while walking towards your destination, nor are you carrying a blood-spattered body and a six-inch open blade dripping with blood that would draw undue suspicion. You’re simply carrying a pocket knife and piece of carving wood.

Just arriving to stop at that same intersection…

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