Hamilton Police Service

We encourage all persons who view policing as a premier career option to consider Hamilton Police Service (ONTARIO) … as the Employer of Choice.

Hamilton Police Service

Hamilton Police Service

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A VIDEO of an honest, straight-forward Hamilton City cop handling a difficult arrest.


Now Hiring – Calgary POLICE

English: Two mounted members of the Calgary Po...

Two mounted members of the Calgary Police Service in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


East Coast RECRUITING DRIVE at the Atlantic Police AcademyFeb. 23 to 25, 2013.
The Atlantic Police Academy is located at 66 Argus Street, Slemon Park, Prince Edward Island.
Anyone interested in learning more about becoming a Calgary Police officer is invited to attend a recruiting drive at the Atlantic Police Academy (Holland College).
Starting Salary of $59,000 begins on the 1st day of your 27-week training period.


More information, including the event schedule, is available at facebook.com/calgarypolice or by calling 1-866-277-4473, or Cst. Liana Deegan at 403-428-8784.  Call now!

Members of the C.P.S. Recruiting Unit will be in attendance from Saturday Feb. 23 to Monday, Feb. 25, 2013.
General information sessions will be held and potential applicants can book a private session with a CPS recruiter, to ask questions and get more information.

NOW Hiring!

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English: Toronto Police Car.

Toronto Police Cruiser

Toronto Police “Losing Face”

Canada Border Services Agency

If you’re looking for an exciting and challenging job opportunity, then the Canada Border Services Agency is for you!  Becoming a C.B.S.A. Officer means being part of a team that protects the safety and security of Canada and Canadians.

CBSA Officers are Canada’s first line of defence in preventing inadmissible foreigners, contraband and other illegal substances from entering our country. CBSA officers also guard against international terrorism and illegal immigration. The CBSA is currently seeking to immediately hire 100 Canadians.

Salary range for a CBSA officer trainee (FB-02) is currently between $58,078 and $64,859 per annum. The salary range for a BSO (FB-03) is currently between $62,697 and $70,120.

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British Columbia Deputy Sheriff

British Columbia Sheriff Services

The British Columbia Sheriff Services has now moved to a post-employment model for hiring and training Deputy Sheriffs. The post-employment model is a more positive approach to recruitment in BC Sheriff Services and will require applicants to first meet and provide the basic screening and selection criteria.

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Affirmative-Action Police

By Walter Williams

POLICE Departments must
use RACE and sex preferences in hiring
as a result of [U.S.] federal court
consent decrees and
political pressures.

To meet these demands, many police departments
have lowered,
and in some cases eliminated
established standards
for personal character.

Jan Golab writes about this in
“How Racial P.C. Corrupted the LAPD”

in the May 2005 issue of
The American Enterprise
.  While most
of Mr. Golab’s article chronicles how
Los Angeles
damaged its police force
in its quest for “DIVERSITY,”
where it had to fire 100 police officers
…identical damage has occurred in other cities.

Washington, D.C., had to indict or
fire 250 cops
;  New Orleans indicted
more than 100 [officers].
In these cities, policemen have
been charged with crimes ranging
from murder and rape to robbing
drug dealers and selling confiscated drugs.

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“Officer Bubbles” Canada’s answer to A.A.

Police Professionals In Retreat

Ethical Change In Law Enforcement

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Maine State Police

Maine State Police

Being a Maine State Police Trooper is a demanding, challenging and rewarding way of life. From the day you apply to become a trooper you will have embarked on a great personal challenge. Our exhaustive selection process and rigorous training academy has set national standards for excellence. The reason is clear . . . only the finest men and women are good enough to wear the uniform and badge of the Maine State Trooper.

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